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Forex Trading Hours

Forex trading is open 24 hours a day. Unlike more traditional forms of trading, it is accessible from anyplace regardless of the trading session.

There are three major trading sessions for Forex investors: European, U.S., and Asian. Each has their own window of trading hours. They cover the clock from midnight GMT in Tokyo through 23:00 GMT in Chicago. A further hour is covered by the Forex trading session run in Sydney.

European Trading

The London market is the most active in Forex, with nearly a third of all transactions occurring through London. Sessions begin daily at 8:00 GMT and end at 17:00 GMT. European trading also takes place from Frankfurt, where it begins and ends one hour earlier than the London market.

U.S. Trading

The second most active Forex trading center is New York. The New York market opens at 13:00 GMT and closes at 22:00 GMT. The Chicago markets open and close one hour later.

Asian Trading

Asian markets operate out of Tokyo and Hong Kong, beginning at midnight GMT and ending 9:00 GMT in Tokyo and 10:00 GMT in Hong Kong. They are the least active of the three sessions.