Safety of Funds

Ensuring a Safe Trading Environment

At we are obligated under international investment law to protect your interestsand we take all necessary steps to secure your funds.When you trade with , you can feel confident that your security and privacy are fully protected.

Secure Transactions

We use secure transactions that protect all exchanges and personal information, ensuring that client funds are never at risk of being lost or stolen.

Segregation of Funds

All client funds deposited with are received in segregated bank accounts, off balance sheet and separate from the company’s own funds – ensuring that funds belonging to clients cannot be used for any other purpose. Sometimes investors are concerned that their funds could be used to pay client creditors in the case of a default. Although this is highly unlikely to occur with , we have taken steps to ensure that client funds can never be used for this purpose.

Reputable Banks maintains client bank accounts with reputable global banks and ensures that funds deposited carry a low credit risk.

Strict Financial Practices

At , our financial management ensure our finances are in order, on an ongoing basis. We send our monthly reports to an outside accounting agency, independent firms conduct annual audits and all financial brokers must meet basic requirements.

We are aware of the significant risks associated with financial trading and want clients to feel confident that their funds are secure. That’s why client deposits are covered by the liquid capital owned by .

Negative Balance Protection

At , our monitoring system ensures your balance will never fall lower than your initial deposits.

Reliable Technology uses the latest technologies – ensuring clients can feel confident that transactions will not cease because of software or hardware failure. Our high quality servers are backed up with physical hardware and a highly responsive IT team – so you to focus on trading without interruptions.

At we are committed to total transparency and are constantly looking for new ways to protectthe safety of your funds.