At , our off- bankdealing room provides personal support from highly professional and experienced dealers. Our dealing room is suitable for all levels of experience – from the novice Forex trader, to the veteran and professional Forex trader.

Available 24 hours, our dealing roomoffersdealing services in real timeand technical support for trading products and platforms such as Meta trader and Webtrader.

Our dealingroom is active for trading currencies and foreign exchange markets Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM Eastern Time, as well as online shorting of the Forex Markets. In the dealing room, investors make live real time Forex calls of currency and the foreign exchange markets.

Following the Financial Market in Real Time:

Our dealing room follows the local and international financial market in real time, specificallythe Forex and Commodities markets, and knows the exact market rate at each specified moment, providing investorswith information about relevant economic events.

Performing Actions:

During trading hours, clients can examine their trading account status, ask the dealing room for information, in order to deposit or withdraw funds, update limit instructions, check future instructions, andopen orclose deals.

Enjoy the Benefits of Dealing Room Today!

Contact the dealing room if you need someone to place your trade for you. The dealing room is always available to give you the market information you need.